Individual Psychotherapy: Utilizing a Cognitive-Behavioral Approach, clients identify maladaptive beliefs about pain and learn to manage their pain more effectively. Treatment is tailored to the client’s goals and includes techniques that are a combination of stress reduction and relaxation. The skills learned in treatment are meant to improve physical functioning.

Pain Coping Skills Class: This 6 week program consists of a weekly class that covers topics such as chronic pain education, mindfulness, stress reduction, pain management techniques and communication. Sessions are focused on skills to manage pain and increase functioning. The class consists of 4-8 members, both men and women. 

Spinal Cord Stimulator Evaluations: Evaluations include a diagnostic interview, psychological assessments and psychological report. Reports can be completed within 72 hours of the interview and scheduling an evaluation is hassle-free.

Psychological Consult: Physicians can refer their patients for psychological consultations to determine whether or not the patient is appropriate for psychological pain management treatment. This consultation consists of a diagnostic interview, psychological assessments, a psychological report and recommendations for treatment.

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