A full life with chronic pain

Chronic pain has a way of making your world smaller. You engage less in the activities you enjoy. You spend less time with your family and friends. Maybe you can’t return to work because of the pain. While living with chronic pain can be challenging, there are options. One of these options is learning pain management skills, and as a Pain Psychologist, I can help.

Very often patients treat chronic pain as if it is acute pain, meaning as if it will resolve in a few months. Chronic pain lasts for 6 months or longer, and in many cases, years. If you can’t wait to be “pain free” to live your life, pain management techniques can help. As a Pain Psychologist, I teach my clients active coping skills so that they can reduce their pain on their own. These techniques do not require medication, only your own mind and body. The goal of pain management is not to take away your pain, but to make your world  bigger and to give you more control over your pain. This does not mean that you will be “pain free”, but it does mean that you can get back into your life and do the things that make life meaningful.

What would you give in order to return to the activities and people you love? If you are ready for lasting change, pain management can help. Contact my office for a free phone consultation today: 650-223-6400.